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The above image one of the official poster for 1906 exposition internationale de Milan.

The fair marked the opening of the Simplon Tunnel and the artwork depicts this event like Hermes riding steam train, an iconic image

of the Futurism movement


The 1st World Expo took place in London in 1851. Many other cities held memorable exhibitions such as Paris, Vienna, Chicago or Brussels.

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Linked to the Industrial Revolution, these Expos, also called World's Fairs, allowed countries to showcase their culture and their achievements and display their architectural and technological prowess.

Inventions such as the telephone, the typewriter or the elevator, as well as architectural wonders like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty are examples of the heritage from this period.

Milan, early 20th century, the city is in turmoil as more than 200 new buildings are rushed to being completed in time for welcoming the best minds of the planet. The 1906 Universal Exposition is approaching and, as one of the 40 exhibiting nations, you are confident that your engineers and scientists will impress the world. Who will exhibit the most impressive technological advancements? Which energy source will prevail: the majestic power of Steam or the more elegant and efficient Electricity? Can you prevail in prestige and glory against the other competing nations?



Expo 1906 is a mind-boggling game of inventions and technological advancement in which strategy and puzzle solving combine together to give a truly intense, rich and deep game experience. A game lasts 90 minutes and can be played from one to four people.



Players will win by totaling more prestige points at the end of the game than their opponents. Points are awarded for completing Projects which represent historical inventions of the period. To complete a Project, a player must purchase Resources and place them in a proper combinations together with a Project in his Laboratory. This is a challenging task as Projects come in many different shapes and must fit together with their resources in an already tight space. Soon the available room in the Laboratory will reduce and players will face the puzzle solving aspect of the game.



Strategy plays an important role too: to speed up the completion of a Project players can acquire Technologies, which can either reduce the number of Resources required top complete a Project or enhance the type of actions at their disposal. This will require careful management of the available space in their Laboratory too. Also, by registering ideas at the Patents'Office players can become leader in the development of specific Resources and accumulate more prestige points when completing Projects. Setting priorities between all these actions will become critical as players rush to prepare in time for the upcoming World Exposition.


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Expected release date October 2015




Remo Conzadori, Nestore Mangone



Giorgio De Michele



1 to 4



90 minutes




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